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Cristiano Ronaldo receives Ochocinco (NFL player) in Madrid.

07.01.2011 »» Cristiano Ronaldo receives Ochocinco (NFL player) in Madrid.

The Cincinatti Bengals NFL player and friend of Cristiano Ronaldo attended training and met Mourinho and the squad.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Chad Ochocinco are friends, and the Portuguese player was one of the first to greet the NFL receiver. Kaka, Xabi Alonso, Pepe, Albiol and José Mourinho greeted him in the VIP Room before training started and showed him the pitch. The coach also jokingly suggested Ochocinco should train with the team.

After visiting the dressing room, Ochocinco went to the pitch to meet the entire squad, with whom he posed in a photo.

"I follow Real Madrid, so it is an incredible experience to be here and meet the players," sayd the NFL star, "I greatly admire Cristiano. He is very fast, but not as fast as I am (laughs). I would love to race him."

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be fully recovered from the illness that kept him away from the game against Levante and should be available to help Real Madrid against Villarreal this Sunday.



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José Mourinho: "Cristiano Ronaldo earned Sir Alex Ferguson education"

27.12.2010 »» José Mourinho: "Cristiano Ronaldo earned Alex Ferguson education"


José Mourinho says Cristiano Ronaldo earned Sir Alex Ferguson education, from when he was in Manchester United.

In an interview made to the portuguese newspaper "Record", José Mourinho answered several questions related to Cristiano Ronaldo. translated it and brings it for you in first hand:

Journalist: Did Cristiano Ronaldo confirm what you were expecting from him?

Mourinho: He excelled my expectations. I coach the player Cristiano Ronaldo and not the man. Here, what matters is the player, but i prefer to start talking about the boy, the youngster, the man, whatever we may call him. Not concerning the professional side, he's a fantastic kid, a wonderfull boy. And that applies to him as a man. It's a pleasure to meet him and be with him every day. It's a shame that only a few people have that privilege of truly knowing him, because he has to block a reasonable part of what is his world, since he has such a huge personal and professional dimension all over the world. But I don't get tired of repeating it, he's a wonderfull boy. Then, as a player, he's everything you already know and a bit more. His quality as a professional, his ambition... i don't even have the words to qualify him.

Journalist: A while ago, you said Cristiano Ronaldo wasn't getting protected in the spanish league. Could that mean some referees already tend to judge tackles on Ronaldo differently from what it is supposed?

Mourinho: I think Cristiano Ronaldo as a player is a bit like me as a coach. He's not like a politician trying to sell his image, he's just what he is, without worrying about the need to fake he's something else in order to get seen differently and have a more positive image to the public. Then, as a player, Cristiano Ronaldo is everything everyone would want to be. He's the best, one of the bests, he earns more money than anyone else, both in football as in publicity/advertising. He has the girlfriends others wish to have, he has a fantastic family around him, who make him feel like a boy. He's everything that others want to be.

Journalist: Do the other players also treat Cristiano Ronaldo differently?

Mourinho: I'll tell you a little story regarding that, which took place in the end of a league match this season. In the end of that match, i saw a player from the opposite team, standing in front of our locker room. I then asked him if he wanted something and he answered that he wanted to switch shirts with Cristiano Ronaldo. I told him to enter, but he prefered to stay near the door. In the next day, I read in the newspapers that the same player said that Cristiano Ronaldo is a teaser, who loves to dive, who doesn't respect the opponents and the public. That's the kind of stuff that Cristiano needs to live with, but happily, he already learnt how to deal with those situations and he keeps on with his life. But we have to admit, that's an ungrateful situation. Because he's the kind of player who brings "magic" into every week's game, has a coach who doesn't protect him, since i put him playing in all matches and don't rest him when the team doesn't need him... Thank god he earned Sir Alex Ferguson noble education.

Journalist: Do you see that as an advantage?

Mourinho: Sometimes, having that kind of education is costly among certain football cultures. He's the kind of player who likes to make prevail his physical strenght, handle hard tackles and stand on his feet, showing he's stronger than others. It seems that this type of attitude punishes him even more, because some referees like to be helped, and by help I mean, diving, faking injuries, asking for cards, etc. Having earned the british education from Alex Ferguson, Cristiano Ronalod is the opposite of that. And if put that all together, the result we have is a player who isn't loved by the public. He just keeps following his onw path, and that's the wisest thing he can do.

Journalist: Do you feel this Real Madrid is very dependent on Cristiano Ronaldo?

Mourinho: I think all teams depend on key players. Chelsea depended on Frank Lampard who scored around 40 goals per season, and Drogba who had 30 goals every season. Same as Benfica who also depended on Eusébio, back in the days... Every team always depend a bit more on their most important players. Now, in order to protect such kind of players, like Cristiano Ronaldo, who we have to build a team where he feels like a "fish in the water". He has to be 100% happy in the pitch, not only with his attacking tasks, but also with his deffending ones. Then, if he's happy, he'll be able to give much more to the team and the proof is that this season he's breaking all his goals records. From the physical point of view, he'll need to be lucky not to get those traumatic injuries, which we can't prevent. But he is physically stronger than ever and I believe this year he'll achieve his best season ever.

Journalist: Earlier, you said you didn't protect him. Do you think he is the kind of player who performs better if he plays in every game?

Mourinho: First, he always like to play and the mental side is the most important. We played at home against Murcia and he was sitting on the bench, which made him very unhappy. I think this is psychologic, it's the pleasure of playing. Against Murcia, even though we're talking about a team who competes in the 3rd division in Spain, the stadium was over crowded. It was like Cristiano Ronaldo felt the obligation to step up and give people what they were waiting for. That was a day where the tickets were cheaper than usual, and the type of public in the stadium was different. We could see a lot more young people, which don't have the same money that regular attending fans have. Cristiano was feeling the need to play in that match and do things well. He loves to play, he feels well and stronger with it. Then, the match ends and everyone can say that it wasn't necessary that the coach had to put Cristiano Ronaldo playing and that he should have rested in this game. But that's not necessary and if he doesn't get any serious injury, I think he should play everytime.

Sources: wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas (video)

25.12.2010 »» wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas (video) wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas. wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and to help celebrating this day, we bring you a short video with some Cristiano Ronaldo highlights this season.


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24.12.2010 »» Cristiano Ronaldo: "Merry Christmas and happy new year to all madridistas!"


Cristiano Ronaldo wished a merry Christmas and a 2011 year better than 2010.

Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of his teammates in Real Madrid sent a video through the club's official website wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The portuguese forward didn't hesitate when he had to express his wishes for this Christmas season and said: "I want to wish a happy new year to all madridistas. I hope that in 2011 we can achieve a lot of success and that it proves to be a better year than 2010."

The brazilians Marcelo and Kaká also sent a message: "We wish you much happiness and let's hope 2011 can be better than 2010." Higuain and Garay sent similar messages and added: "We wish you can spend this Christmas with your family and loved ones."

Xabi Alonso, Arbeloa and Albiol kept on the same note: "We wish you happy a happy holidays season and that everything goes well for you." Last, but not the least, the germans Khedira and Özil, along with Ricardo Carvalho, wished a merry Christmas speaking flawless spanish.


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Cristiano Ronaldo scored 49 goals in 54 matches in 2010. Is the best yet to come?

23.12.2010 »» Cristiano Ronaldo scored 49 goals in 54 matches in 2010. Is the best yet to come?


Cristiano Ronaldo ended 2010 with another hattrick. His 2010 year stats: 49 goals in 54 games

Cristiano Ronaldo, the portuguese striker from Real Madrid, says goodbye to 2010 with an impressive record: 49 goals in 54 official matches in the Spanish League (La Liga BBVA), the King's Cup (La Copa del Rey), UEFA Champions League and the Portuguese national team.

These stats include all matches played by CR7 in the 2010 calendar year, so it obviously accounts the numbers from January 2010 untill December 2010, and not the just the current season.

The only flaw that can be pointed at this point, is the lack of goals for the national team while Carlos Queiroz was stil the manager. During that era, Cristiano Ronaldo scored only 1 goal in 4 matches during the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Since Paulo Bento took over, Ronaldo already scored 2 goals in 2 matches.

If we consider his numbers exclusively for this season, Ronaldo scored 28 goals (26 while playing for Real Madrid and 2 for Portugal). In the spanish league, Cristiano Ronaldo already scored 18 goals in 16 matches (including the one against Real Sociedad, which some still argue that it should be earned to Pepe instead). This allows Cristiano Ronaldo to be 1 goal ahead of Barcelona's Lionel Messi, which has 17 goals. Will Cristiano Ronaldo be the "Pichichi" of "La Liga 2010-2011"? That's something we can only be sure about by May, since both Ronaldo and Messi just don't seem to get tired of scoring.

All Cristiano Ronaldo goals in 2010:

2009-10 Season:

(Spanish League)

Real Madrid-Málaga, 2-0 (36 e 39)

Xerez-Real Madrid, 0-3 (69 e 71)

Real Madrid-Villarreal, 6-2 (18)

Tenerife-Real Madrid, 1-5 (80, g.p.)

LReal Madrid-Sevilha, 3-2 (60)

Valladolid-Real Madrid, 1-4 (28)

Getafe-Real Madrid, 2-4 (13 e 37)

Racing-Real Madrid, 0-2 (23, g.p.)

Almería-Real Madrid, 1-2 (27)

Real Madrid-Valencia, 2-0 (78)

Real Madrid-Osasuna, 3-2 (25 e 89)

Maiorca-Real Madrid, 1-4 (26, 57 e 72)

Real Madrid-At. Bilbao, 5-1 (22, g.p.)

(UEFA Champions League)

(1/8): Real Madrid-Lyon, 1-1 (6)

(World Cup 2010)

(Gr. G): Portugal-Coreia do Norte, 7-0 (88)

2010-11 Season:

(Spanish League)

Real Sociedad-Real Madrid, 1-2 (74m)

Real Madrid-Espanhol, 3-0 (28, g.p.)

Real Madrid-D. Corunha, 6-1 (4 e 89)

Málaga-Real Madrid, 1-4 (45 e 50, g.p.)

Real Madrid-Racing, 6-1 (15, 27, 47 e 55, g.p.)

Hércules-Real Madrid, 1-3 (82 e 86)

Real Madrid-At. Bilbao, 5-1 (30, 62 e 90, g.p.)

Real Madrid-Valencia, 2-0 (73 e 87)

Saragoça-Real Madrid, 1-3 (44)

(King's Cup)

(4th stage): Real Madrid-Real Múrcia, 5-1 (75)

(1/8): Real Madrid-Levante, 8-0 (45, 72 e 74)

(UEFA Champions League)

(Gr. G): Real Madrid-Milan, 2-0 (13)

(Gr. G): Ajax-Real Madrid, 0-4 (70 e 81, g.p.)

(Gr. G): Real Madrid-Auxerre, 4-0 (49)

(Euro 2012 Qualifiers)

Portugal-Dinamarca, 3-1 (85)

Islândia-Portugal, 1-3 (3)

TOTAL: 49 goals in 54 matches


Real Madrid 8-0 Levante. Cristiano Ronaldo scores an hattrick.

22.12.2010 »» Real Madrid 8-0 Levante. Cristiano Ronaldo scores an hattrick.


Watch Cristiano Ronaldo 1st goal [45'] (4-0)

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo 2nd goal [72'] (6-0)

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo 3rd goal [74'] (7-0)

Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema both scored hattricks and help closing 2010 with an 8-0 win over Levante.

Real Madrid virtually assured a place in the quarter finals of the Copa del Rey at the Bernabeu, after crushing Levante, who never seemed a strong enough side to be competitive in this game. Levante's defense just didn't have a good night and when that happens against players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Di Maria or Ozil, the price to pay has to be high.

Benzema scored an hattrick and Cristiano Ronaldo didn't want to be left behind, so he also got 3 goals from this easy game, even though he reports said he was a bit ill yesterday. Xabi Alonso, Granero and Lass Diara also played an important role in this win, simply outclassing their opponents.

Benzema's performances over this month were a bit inconsistent, but today, the french striker proved he can still score goals easily. The question remains though, can Karim Benzema keep doing the same against stronger sides and on a regular basis? Or does Real Madrid need to buy a better replacement for Higuain, while the argentinian is injured?

If there are doubts about Benzema, the same can't be said about Cristiano Ronaldo. The portuguese legend, also described as the "bread and butter" in this Real Madrid (quoting Toshack), just doesn't get tired of scoring and this time he added 3 goals to his season count of 26 goals!

With this amazing 8-0 win over Levante, Real Madrid ends the 2010 year and presents their supporters with a tasty victory. The transfers market will open in January and Real Madrid might be active in some deals, since Higuain condition is still worrying the staff team.


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Real Madrid 1-0 Sevilla. Angel Di Maria comes to the rescue

19.12.2010 »» Real Madrid 1-0 Sevilla. Angel Di Maria comes to the rescue

Watch Angel Di Maria goal here

The winger netted in what was a tempestuous contest at the Santiago Bernabeu..

Real Madrid won a match and made its great history proud. Despite having everything against them, the Whites defeated Sevilla 1-0 thanks to a strike from Di Maria. The awful performance of referee Clos Gomez took centre stage, sending Carvalho off unfairly and failing to award a penalty on Granero.

Sevilla played a fierce defensive match from the start and Real Madrid took time to find the pace to their game. Linesman Juan Jose Gallego Galindo was the southern side's best ally by calling three inexistent offsides. Mourinho's team suffered from the absences of Alonso and Marcelo and their performance had a stop-start nature due to the multiple stoppages perpetrated by Sevilla.

Karim Benzema once again led the line for the hosts, but did not look anywhere near his best, and Madrid’s best efforts of the half came from two long-range Cristiano Ronaldo free kicks that bounced in front of Palop.

Referee Clos Gomez earned the spotlight in the second half, making countless mistakes in detriment of Real Madrid. He sent off Carvalho with a double booking on the 62-minute mark, alleging he elbowed a rival player when in reality he and Negredo bumped into each other with their heads. The referee also failed to award a penalty in the 69th minute when Granero was repeatedly obstructed by Escude inside the box. It is worth mentioning Real Madrid received nine bookings and saw one red card, while Sevilla only saw three yellow cards and one of their men was sent off.

Against all odds, the Madridistas used the support of the crowd to win the match. Sevilla seemed intimidated and focused on defending even more. Ozil entered the box and tried to score. The cleared ball landed at Di Maria's feet and the Argentine defeated goalkeeper Palop with a splendid shot (76'). Mourinho reacted to the strike by replacing Ozil with Albiol.

Sevilla were flabbergated by the defeat and were unable to pose a threat on Casillas' goal. Real Madrid deserved to win because they never gave up. All mids are now set on Wednesday's clash with Levante in the Copa del Rey.